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We believe our family deserves the healthiest, best tasting and unique vegetables possible.

Through our community supported agriculture program, Kansas City area families can share the bountiful harvest. We are always experimenting with new varieties that grow well in Kansas City to yield the best flavor and highest vitamin content for our Community Supported Agriculture members. Our family loves home-cooked meals and we’re on a mission to bring the family dinner back to Kansas City through our CSA.

Your weekly community supported agriculture boxes of a wide array of ultra-fresh-picked gourmet garden produce grown just down the street in Independence Missouri could be the raw ingredients for healthy and delicious meals for your family. With each CSA week, we provide recipes that will guide you into new realms of culinary delights where you can taste real, unprocessed food the way is was meant to be. Studies are revealing the benefits of eating a vegetable-rich, non-processed diet. Let us help you feed your family the best. Our Community Supported Agriculture vegetables and fruits are chemical-free, our eggs are free-range, and our local honey is raw. You’ll taste the difference, Kansas City!

“True wisdom consists in not departing from nature but in molding our conduct according to her laws and model.” – Marcus Annaeus Seneca AD 39

Where the Redfearn Grows Natural Farms was founded with the belief that natural ecosystems hold within them the keys to growing healthy food. We believe in cooperation with nature rather than the subjugation of it. We bring ancient organic agricultural wisdom and modern biological research together to develop growing practices for our community supported agriculture program (CSA) that mimic naturally-occurring processes of decomposition, humus formation through high levels of organic matter, symbiosis of organisms (including insects), and growing cycles and seasons.

The result is healthier food and a healthier environment. For all produce grown for our Kansas City area community supported agriculture program we reject the use of: chemical pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or GMO seeds. We aim to protect biodiversity, build organic matter in the soil, prevent pollution, reduce waste, and conserve resources on our Independence Missouri farm. The health of our family, our customers and our environment is of critical importance to us. That is why preserving natural practices in growing the produce we provide to our Kansas City area CSA members is part of who we are.

The local food movement is a “collaborative effort to build more locally based, self-reliant food economies – one in which sustainable food production, processing, distribution, and consumption is integrated to enhance the economic, environmental and social health of a particular place.”

Where the Redfearn Grows is located on 15 acres in Independence Missouri.  Our location in the Kansas City metro area with pickup’s available in Lee’s Summit as well as Independence allows residents of Eastern Kansas City, Independence, Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, Grain Valley, and Liberty easy access to locally-grown, garden-fresh produce.  Locavores from across the KC metro area are discovering the value and quality of Where the Redfearn Grows Natural Farms produce through our weekly Community Supported Agriculture program.

By joining our Kansas City CSA program you’ll choose the contents of your share from a wide array of ultra-fresh-picked, seasonal, gourmet garden produce that was grown just down the street instead of trucked and flown in from across the country or the globe.  We also offer free range egg CSA shares and local honey to further reduce your reliance on trucked-in, processed food.

The choice to buy local Kansas City food is a step in building local economies through responsible small family farms committed to the health and vitality of the community rather than centralized factory farms run by multinational corporations detached from concern for the land and the locality.

Redfearn Farm exists because we believe the farms of the 21st century must produce healthy food sustainably: enhancing environmental quality, making efficient use of non-renewable and on-farm resources, and sustaining the economic viability of farm operations. We hope you’ll become part of the local-food solution by joining our Kansas City Community Supported Agriculture Program.  Together, we’ll change the way you eat.

The Redfearn family is the proud owner and operator of Where the Redfearn Grows Natural Farms CSA in Independence Missouri.  The story of how we became CSA farmers involves international travel, bok choi, and an industrial food machine, but today these engineers turned farmers are building a family-friendly agricultural model right here in the city of Independence Missouri through our community supported agriculture program.  The farm is truly a family affair as our kids are right there with us harvesting CSA produce, feeding the animals and pulling weeds.

The kids love CSA pickup days when members bring their children to pick up their produce and often linger to allow time for the children to play together and experience the sights, smells and sounds of the farm.  We are a family working hand-in-hand with families to feed families within our the greater Kansas City community and helping to connect people with the roots of the food they eat.

We put in countless hours on the farm because: We love good food;  We love the beauty of creation;  We love working together as a family and instilling wholesome values in our children; And we love the fellowship we share in a tight-knit farmer/eater CSA community that you are welcome to join.

What We Grow

We grow a wide assortment ofnaturally grown heirloom and hybrid vegetables and herbs that we supply in our community supported agriculture program members and to local farmers markets in Kansas City. We raise bees to pollenate our vegetables and fruits and to provide allergy-fighting, delicious raw local honey right here in Independence Missouri.
We’ve planted a young orchard and berry patch that will eventually supply apples, pears, blackberries, raspberries, currants, elderberries, apricots, plums and nuts for U-pick and for sale as a Community Supported Agriculture add-on or at local farmers markets.  Each week We supply dozens of free-range eggs for sale to our CSA members. The chickens and guinea hens help control insect populations and help us compost our plant wastes.
In addition to the things you eat, we have planted hundreds of native Missouri shrubs and trees on our property to provide habitat and food for wildlife and prevent erosion from wind and rain. Wild flowers also dot the landscape providing a beautiful setting for all of us to enjoy and pollen and nectar for our bees and other beneficial insects.

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When you become a member of our Kansas City CSA you join a community that is mutually dependent.  This is what community supported agriculture is all about—community coming together to do what big agricultural conglomerates could not—develop locally sustainable structures for feeding communities the healthiest and freshest produce possible. Kansas City CSA


Together, we'll change the way you eat