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Why a CSA?

Do you ever wonder where your food comes from or how it was produced?  Do you want to develop a connection to the source of your food and feel confident in the quality, nutrition, and safety of the food you eat?  Do you want to look your farmer in the eye and see the level of responsibility he takes for the land and for the food that his children and yours are eating?  Do you want access to the freshest-most nutritious produce available in Kansas City? Do you want to be part of a community of people who are working together to make healthy food available to scores of families in the area?  Then joining Where the Redfearn Farm CSA is something you should consider.

CSA is a subscription service where fresh, naturally grown produce is available on a weekly basis but paid for in advance. A farmer offers a certain number of shares to the public. The share consists of a box of seasonally produced vegetables. Interested consumers purchase a share (aka a “membership” or a “subscription”) and in return receive a box of produce each week throughout the farming season.

 CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” Through the subscription service, local farmers are guaranteed a market for the produce they grow. CSA membership helps sustain local agriculture and ensures that fresh locally grown produce remains available in Kansas City.


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How much do subscribers get each week?

There are two different membership levels available with Where the Redfearn Grows Natural Farms CSA: Basic and Premium.  Members who subscribe at the Basic level will receive a total of five different vegetable items (3 of them selected for you by the farm and 2 are free choice).  Premium members receive the same 3 farm-selected items as well as 5 free choice items for a total of 8 items.

A single “item” might be considered as 3 cucumbers, a quart of tomatoes or a bag of lettuce.

A Basic Share membership includes fewer items each week (5) and is best suited for singles or couples or even families who are a little less apt to try new vegetables.

The Premium Share Membership allows for more choice and a greater selection to take home each week (8 items).  Premium members also have the option to double-up on items that they would like in larger quantity (i.e. use two of their choices on tomatoes to receive two quarts instead of one) Sorry, Basic subscribers, we can only offer this perk to the Premium Members.

Below is an example of a share in August:

Farm Selected Items (all members receive): 3 cucumbers, 3/4 lb green beans, 2 lb tomatoes.

Choice Items (Basic Pick 2, Premium Pick 5): 1 bunch Swiss Chard, 3 zucchini squash, 2 bell peppers, 1 pint spicy peppers, 3 onions, 1 bunch kale, 2 eggplant, 1 bag lettuce, 1 bag arugula, 1 bunch beets.


We will rotate the farm selected items each week to help insure more variety for our members and to prevent you from being stuck with items that may not be your favorite.  This CSA is a hybrid option that allows for some predictability in demand for us but still allows what we hope you will find is a refreshing ability to choose.  Each Monday pickup at the farm we will be set up like a farmers market table where you can make your selections.  Saturday pickups in Lee’s Summit literally will be at our farmer’s market booth where members will select their choices.  In either place, we’ll be there to help you make your selections and answer any questions you might have


CSA Week 18 Kansas City

An actual Large CSA Share of Vegetables in September


Like most CSA’s, our members pay for an entire season of produce upfront.  This early bulk payment enables us to plan for the season, purchase new seed, make equipment repairs, and more.

We believe community supported agriculture is the most sustainable model for family farms to engage with local customers and build community and trust in the 21st century.  Consider some of the advantages of the Community Supported Agriculture model to both parties.

What is the cost?

Is there a work requirement?

Each CSA membership includes an 8 work-hour requirement at the farm to be fulfilled during the season (that’s 8 hours total in the season, not per week!).

This could be one person scheduled for four 2-hour shifts or two people scheduled for one 4-hour shift. There is an option to opt out of the work requirement for a $60 charge. There is also the option to work an additional 12 hours for a $50 discount.


How do we get our produce?

Pickup day at the Independence farm is Monday. Customers who select farm pick up will pick up Monday evenings from 3-7pm at 26355 E Bundschu Rd. Independence, MO.

Pickup day at Lee’s Summit is on Saturday mornings 7AM to Noon at the Downtown Lee’s Summit Farmers Market at the Corner of Second and Douglas streets
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063.

2017 Main CSA Seas0n Dates: 20 Weeks.

Monday Farm Pickup: June 5th to October 16th.

Saturday Lee’s Summit Pickup: June 10th to October 21st.

NEW IN 2017! CSA Season Extension!  Extend the season an additional 8 weeks to maximize your garden fresh produce for more than half the year!

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When you become a member of our CSA you join a Kansas City community that is mutually dependent.  This is what community supported agriculture is all about—community coming together to do what big agricultural conglomerates could not—develop locally sustainable structures for feeding communities the healthiest and freshest produce possible.

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We hope you will consider joining our Community Supported Agriculture family for the 2017 season and begin the journey of developing sustainable agricultural models that will continue feeding Kansas City for years to come.

Together, we'll change the way you eat