Use this calendar to sign up for your required work hours.

As a part of your full or partial CSA subscription, a certain number of work hours are required as per the Member Agreement. Depending on the package you signed up for, you will likely need to sign up for your work hours, unless you signed up for the more expensive package with no work hours of course.

Anybody (CSA member or not) is welcome to come enjoy some old fashioned farm work. If at all possible, please try to sign up for Monday morning or Friday morning workdays. Those days are when we absolutely need your help harvesting and packaging produce for the CSA pickup.

When signing up for required CSA work hours, pay attention to the length of the work shift. Monday Mornings and Friday Mornings are 4 hours. Saturday afternoons and Monday Evenings are 2 hours. Make sure you fully fulfill your 8 or 24 hour (std work or extra work discount respectively) requirement over the course of the season.

We understand that for many folks, weekday mornings won’t work, so we also have some Saturday afternoons available as well as some Monday evenings. For the type of work, Saturday mornings and Monday evenings are a mixed bag. You might find yourself planting potatoes, transplanting peppers, hoeing onions, spreading compost, mending fences, or finishing a cow shed.

Monday and Friday morning workdays are held rain or shine and we expect those that signed up to honor their commitment despite the weather. This is because CSA distributions are held on Monday or Saturday rain or shine and we have to get the harvest in for our members to enjoy. Fortunately some of the prep work (washing and bagging) can be done inside.

When you come to a workday, wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, rubber boots if you have them, work gloves and a water bottle.
If you can’t make it to a workday that you are signed up for, please let us know as soon as possible so we can arrange for an alternate.

We really enjoy getting a chance to better know our members through these times. There’s something refreshing to the soul about manual labor shoulder to shoulder. Looking forward to working with you!

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Weeding Peas in Independence, MO CSA Farm IMG_0254 Hoeing Vigorously in Independence, MO IMG_0243