Organic Wild Berries at Kansas City Area Farm

Wild Black Cherries Kansas City

We used up the last bit of homemade peach elderberry preserves the other day and when we checked the pantry we found we were completely out jam in general!  Fortunately, our wild black cherry trees are bearing delicious organic wild berries for us and our feathered friends to enjoy.  So, we set to the work […]

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Green Herons at the Redfearn Farm in Independence, MO


We at Where the Redfearn Grows Natural Farms is committed to preserving wildlife habitat and preventing pollution to area streams and ponds.  Our son, Josiah, loves to watch birds! He goes on frequent bird walks an has learned a great deal about dozens of species that call our farm home.  We thought we’d post some […]

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Aronia Berries, Elderberries, and Black Currants in Independence, MO

Black currant Independence MO

We recently planted over 400 native berry, fruit and nut trees and shrubs at Where the Redfearn Grows Natural Farms in Independence, MO.  Although our farm focusses on the fresh vegetable CSA program as our centerpiece enterprise, we also offer a wide array of products including free range eggs and raw honey.  In coming years […]

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