Planting Garlic for the 2015 CSA Season


If you are like us, garlic is a staple of the kitchen.  If you want to enjoy fresh garlic grown right here in Kansas City, we’ve got a couple great options for you!  Grow it yourself, or join our CSA and find it in your weekly box of locally grown produce! We took advantage of […]

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Organic Wild Berries at Kansas City Area Farm

Wild Black Cherries Kansas City

We used up the last bit of homemade peach elderberry preserves the other day and when we checked the pantry we found we were completely out jam in general!  Fortunately, our wild black cherry trees are bearing delicious organic wild berries for us and our feathered friends to enjoy.  So, we set to the work […]

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Walk in Cooler Construction at Independence, MO CSA

Finished Framing CSA cooler

After 8 inches of rain in two weeks at Where the Redfearn Grows Natural Farms in Independence, MO, the fields are quite soggy.  We’re hoping the crops hold out in their raised beds and don’t suffer from root rot.  Since we can’t get into the fields right now, we took some time out to begin […]

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Mid-May Vegetable Frost Damage at the Redfearn Farm CSA in Independence, MO

Icy Cucumbers at Independence CSA

Well, it could have been worse.   We were fortunate that most of our frost sensitive plants were still in the high tunnel (unheated greenhouse). The forecast was for a low of 39 degrees but we hit 32 at the Redfearn Farm in Independence, MO this morning, May 16, 2014.  One of those times when procrastination […]

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Heroic Weeding at CSA Workday in Independence, MO

Weeding Peas in Independence, MO CSA Farm

This weekend, we saw firsthand what “Community” means in regards to Community Supported Agriculture.  As part of our CSA membership, besides receiving heaping boxes of fresh, naturally grown produce each week, CSA members have the opportunity to take part in regularly scheduled CSA workdays.  Basic CSA membership include a commitment to three, 4-hour work shifts chosen […]

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Aronia Berries, Elderberries, and Black Currants in Independence, MO

Black currant Independence MO

We recently planted over 400 native berry, fruit and nut trees and shrubs at Where the Redfearn Grows Natural Farms in Independence, MO.  Although our farm focusses on the fresh vegetable CSA program as our centerpiece enterprise, we also offer a wide array of products including free range eggs and raw honey.  In coming years […]

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First Farming Mistake of the 2014 CSA Season in Independence, MO

Dead Peppers at Redfearn Farm Lee's Summit

My four year old daughter was just telling me from her Sunday school lesson that God doesn’t punish you if it’s an accident.  Then she talks about the bad angels who hated God and were punished. I try to explain that while intending to do wrong and mistakenly doing wrong may have different levels of […]

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Redfearn Farm Name that Goat Competition in Independence, MO

Goat Drinking Independence CSA Farm

Thanks to everyone who submitted names for our baby girl goat in the Redfearn Farm Name That Goat Competition.  The Redfearn Farm Name That Goat Competition was held on Where the Redfearn Grows Natural Farms Facebook page where lots of great names were submitted.  We picked out our favorite six names and friends of the […]

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No-till Vegetable Farming: Planting Sugar Snap Peas in KCMO

Peas in Pods Independence CSA Coop

Ever hear of no-till vegetable farming? We’e done no-till vegetable gardening in the past at our suburban garden in Blue Springs, MO and we’ve decided to experiment with no-till vegetable farming on a larger scale at Where the Redfearn Grows Natural Farms in Independence, MO.  “No-till” means just what you would expect from such a […]

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High Tunnel Construction with Friends of Redfearn Farm in KCMO

Two on Ladders High Tunnel Blue Springs

What a day we had the other day installing the plastic on our 50′ x 20′ high tunnel! Thanks to the help of a dozen friends of Where the Redfearn Grows Natural Farms, we succeeded in wrestling the huge sheets of plastic over the hoops. High tunnel construction is not a one person job. Fortunately, […]

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