Redfearn Farm Name that Goat Competition in Independence, MO

Goat Drinking Independence CSA Farm

Thanks to everyone who submitted names for our baby girl goat in the Redfearn Farm Name That Goat Competition.  The Redfearn Farm Name That Goat Competition was held on Where the Redfearn Grows Natural Farms Facebook page where lots of great names were submitted.  We picked out our favorite six names and friends of the […]

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An Inconvenient Harvest

Rooster Comb CSA Kansas City

He had it coming. I’d had my eye on him for quite some time.  This time, I couldn’t let him get off easy.  No, he’d done too much; he’d crossed the line.  He was going to regret every picking on my children! When I heard my son’s screams, I knew exactly who it was.  He’d […]

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