30 Ways Eating a Diet Rich in Vegetables Will Benefit Your Health

colorful tomatoes Healthy Vegetables

So we all know a healthy diet should include plenty of vegetables, but what does “plenty” mean? More than most Americans eat. The average American consumes less than half the recommended number of vegetable servings each day. The latest dietary guidelines call for five to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables each day (2 ½ […]

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No-till Vegetable Farming: Planting Sugar Snap Peas in KCMO

Peas in Pods Independence CSA Coop

Ever hear of no-till vegetable farming? We’e done no-till vegetable gardening in the past at our suburban garden in Blue Springs, MO and we’ve decided to experiment with no-till vegetable farming on a larger scale at Where the Redfearn Grows Natural Farms in Independence, MO.  “No-till” means just what you would expect from such a […]

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High Tunnel Construction with Friends of Redfearn Farm in KCMO

Two on Ladders High Tunnel Blue Springs

What a day we had the other day installing the plastic on our 50′ x 20′ high tunnel! Thanks to the help of a dozen friends of Where the Redfearn Grows Natural Farms, we succeeded in wrestling the huge sheets of plastic over the hoops. High tunnel construction is not a one person job. Fortunately, […]

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Discounted Community Supported Agriculture Shares

Photo by Grandpa Lentz at Where the Redfearn Grows Natural Farms. Dicksissle eating a caterpillar.

Act now to get your discounted community supported agriculture shares from Where the Redfearn Grows Natural Farms. Our 10% early bird discount ends Saturday March 15, 2014. You won’t find another opportunity to lock in such low rates for bountiful boxes of organic vegetables this season, so don’t delay! Sign now to save 10% off the 24 […]

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Why Buy Locally Grown in Kansas City?

Cherry Tomato Locally Grown Kansas City

So what’s the big deal about buying local? I mean, are locally grown vegetables and fruits better for me, my community and the environment? Can’t I just buy certified organic produce at the supermarket and feel good about my buying habits? Let me try to explain in a short list why buying locally grown produce […]

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Minestrone Soup

Minestrone Parmesan CSA Independence

Minestrone Soup is a healthy, vegetable-rich soup that can be varied depending on what is in season or available through your local CSA Coop. Zucchini can be added or substitute for green beans. Fresh tomatoes (peeled and chopped) can be used in place of canned. Ingredients 2 or 3 Tablespoons Olive Oil 1 large Onion, […]

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Cheesy Broccoli and Brown Rice Casserole

Cheesy Broccoli Brown Rice Casserole Kansas City CSA

Are you searching for ways to get your kids (or yourself) to eat more broccoli? Well, look no farther than this healthier alternative to the normally- cream- of -mushroom ladened cheesy, broccoli casserole.  This technique to make “cream of mushroom” soup can be used as a substitute for any recipe that uses canned soup for […]

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Kansas City Join a CSA: Proven to Change your Eating Habits

Mixed Vegetables Locally Grown Kansas City

Kansas City, want to change your eating habits to include more healthy vegetables? Research says that one easy way to eat healthier is to join a CSA. A scientific study proves that CSA membership has beneficial effects on participant’s eating habits. The study was conducted by the Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems researching Community Supported Agriculture […]

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Greenhouse End Wall Construction

snow greenhouse Independence Farm

We had hoped to get our greenhouse operational before the winter, but as usual, life happened. Baby came and mom was pretty incapacitated for a while. A lot of our CSA members came through in a pinch to help out with the extra work, but we didn’t get a chance to finish construction.  So we’ve […]

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An Inconvenient Harvest

Rooster Comb CSA Kansas City

He had it coming. I’d had my eye on him for quite some time.  This time, I couldn’t let him get off easy.  No, he’d done too much; he’d crossed the line.  He was going to regret every picking on my children! When I heard my son’s screams, I knew exactly who it was.  He’d […]

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